QR tags – can we use them for learning?

I first played with QR tagslast year when Microsoft launched their Tag service, and I have recently been reading in various places (eg Andy Ramsden’s presentations on SlideShare) about how they might be used for learning.

QR codes are 2D barcodes that can be read by a mobile phone with a camera.  The phone can then retrieve a chunk of info associated with that code, such as a web link, a vCard, or just some free text.  Readers exist for a wide variety of phones – pretty much any phone that can run Java can pick up QR codes, and there are apps for the iPhone too.

QR tags let us link information with the physical environment – a particular interest of mine, and have the advantage of getting the learner involved through direct action.  I’m looking around for case studies of how QR tags (or similar tools) have been used to support learning.


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